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Luis Calle, La Rosa Realty

Luis Calle

Real Estate Sales Associate
SL 3254994
La Rosa Realty
Multiple Office
Locations Throughout, FL -
407-809-5320 ext 3011

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In Florida’s multicultural society, it pays to have a Realtor who has strong ties to the local community and knows their way around regardless of whether you’re looking for property in Miami, Orlando, Kissimmee, Fort Lauderdale or even some of the hidden places you rarely hear about in popular media and yet still have their attractions from lush golf courses to unique local architecture.

I'm originally from Peru, have lived in Florida for over 29 years and speak three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese which further adds to my multicultural credentials and helps me deal with both local and foreign clients who come from all over the world to share in the attractions of the Sunshine State.

 Prior to becoming a Realtor, I worked as a Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banker for over 10 years, where I was exposed to the housing needs of a vast variety of clients and got to understand Florida’s unique real estate market in ways few others can lay a claim to.   I  also engaged in entrepreneurial efforts  in the import/export sector which further exposed me to the intricacies of Florida society and the separate cultures of  clients who come from different backgrounds and have different expectations in Florida whether it's real estate or otherwise.

My main focus is not just  selling and renting properties but providing useful solutions to people's housing needs in a way that everyone "gets a bit of that sunshine and happiness we all come to Florida for".